How to pick a home

What, where and why are the main considerations when you are picking your first home.   I suggest that you decide where 1st.


When you are deciding where you want to live it can be tricky.  You want to live in a place that suits your lifestyle.

Do you have a commute to work?  If yes, then maybe you want to investigate traffic patterns.

Do you have kids?  Then maybe you want to look for school systems that offer the best education.

You get my point; basically you have to look at how you live and what is important to you to decide where you want to live.


I suggest you look at what your needs and wants are.  Your needs should rate higher than your wants.   Also, if you plan on moving into a larger house later or plans on moving you want to discuss resale possibilities with your Realtor.

When you are looking at the “What” aspect, you need to know what it is you want.  I suggest you make a list of everything that you would ever want and then rate them.  Put a star next to the things that you need.


When you are analyzing your potential home ask yourself why this home is better than that one.  I suggest that you narrow your home search down to two possibilities, and then ask your realtor to show them to you again.  This will help you clarify the differences in your mind and solidify the fact that you are getting the best home for you.

If you are thinking of buying your first home then I suggest you make up a home comparison chart.   I suggest you use one similar to this one.   The reason I suggest using a comparison chart is that you will look at many homes and sometimes it is hard to remember the details on each home.  This checklist will help you remember the home features and stay on track to buy the perfect house.

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